Suicide Warning Signs

The number of people taking their own lives is more than alarming. It’s even more alarming that this number gets bigger every year. Some countries like America have roughly around 40,000 people taking their own lives each year. There are over a million people that attempt to commit suicide and almost ten times more people who give it a thought or two.

Suicide is widely spread among young people and it is what troubles them the most. Almost every fifth teenager thinks about suicide when life becomes unbearable. Well, suicide is preventable and every person who has suicidal thoughts can easily recognize the signs and take same precaution measures to prevent the worst from happening.

SuicideMost of these people don’t have a death wish, they just want to put an end to all that suffering and pain they tend to feel each and every day of their lives. Many of them are not serious about their suicide threats but most of them are, unfortunately. So, if you have someone you know that might be showing any suicidal tendencies, here are the most common suicide warning signs.

First and the most obvious sign is that person becomes very withdrawn. That includes avoiding contact with friends and family as well as lost interest in social events and other activities. Such behavior is usually followed by an isolation. People who are thinking about suicide are almost fixated on death and they even speak about dying freely and openly with others.

IsolationWhen a person has such a fixation, they tend to explore the ways they could take their lives. Isolation and suicidal tendencies are followed by despair and that is what leads to making plans. That is where the situation is getting out of control and those persons who are already making plans to kill themselves need professional help.

If they don’t receive an adequate help, they could start drinking and abusing drugs or simply have a death wish that will make them act recklessly, taking dangerous chances that could lead them to their certain deaths or the death of others. If they are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction they should seek substance abuse resources in Colorado.